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BE FOREWARNED: We do not deal in virtual game currencies that are obtained through fraudulent methods such as hacks, stolen game accounts, etc. We monitor our supply channel and cooperate fully with publishers and authorities to help stamp out such abuse. We think this is in our best interest and yours.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Pusada is NOT affiliated with any other website that buys virtual currency. Please do not make any trades with anyone other than our staff, who can be reached via the following channels:

skype pusada.sourcing1
aim [email protected]
ym pusadacs2
icq 597708195

The safest way to contact our staff is by using our website's live chat feature by clicking on the "Contact Us" link on the top right portion of this page. This guarantees you that you are talking with a legitimate pusada team member.
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  • I have been a loyal customer for a bit of time now. I just wanted to let you know that your team of agents responsible for conducting trades and paypal transactions has improved 500% in the last 9 months. Thank you for providing a much needed service among gamers and I look forward to continuing our business.
    - Dude, World of Warcraft (US)
  • "I've done trades with Stanley, Sarah and Tamara mostly. They're honest about the queue time. I'd think traffic can really get busy. But at least they didn't just make me wait for nothing. And best of all, money is in Paypal account after giving them the gold. Can't complain."
    - Dee, World of Warcraft (US)
  • "I waited for my turn but it was worth it. Enjoyed talking to Sarah while waiting. She's very accommodating. I haven't been selling to any other sites since then."
    - Alex, EverQuest2
  • "Instant Payments. Period. And most of all, they speak English! Not some crappy google-translations, hehe."
    - Jasper, World of Warcraft (US)
  • "Best prices every time. I've sold to other sites before and by far I love selling to Pusada because I'm sure that they are not duping me for my hard-earned gold. Fair prices all the time."
    - Pete, World of Warcraft (EU)
  • "Talked to Sebastian and Suzanne. They're both honest and accommodating. Can give you tips also for you to make the most out of the selling gold business."
    - Agatha, World of Warcraft (US)

Sell your WoW Gold, SWTOR Credits and Other Virtual Currency

We are the oldest and most trusted resource for gamers who want to sell their in-game currency.

The brainchild of gaming industry professionals, Pusada.com was conceived as a service that allowed gamers to safely sell their virtual currency and earn top dollar for it. Pusada.com continues to be the most reputable buyer of game gold on the Internet, consistently providing quality, professional service to virtual currency sellers the world over.

Pusada.com facilitates direct delivery between gamers – there’s no middleman to get a cut of your earnings! Since transactions are player-to-player, trae is fairand as secure as possible, lowering the chances of in-game abuse or phishing.

In the ultimate win-win scenario, Pusada.com helps sellers unload, and gamers acquire, in-game gold. By providing support for the most popular MMOs around, we provide safe alternatives that benefit gamers as a whole.

The biggest and most successful MMOs – juggernauts like World of Warcraft, SWTOR, FFXI – are supported by Pusada.

Perennial MMO favorite World of Warcraft has 10.3 million subscribers, many of whom are in constant search of WoW gold to aid their leveling efforts. Likewise, many of SWTOR’s 1.7 million players look for SWTOR credits to help level faster and more efficiently.

When you sell your virtual currency at Pusada.com, you get the maximum value for your hard-earned game gold. You get paid the highest prices possible for the currency you’ve invested your time in and worked hard to get.

We do not tolerate abuse or spam, and work hard to create a safe environment where players can sell their virtual currency to other players with minimum risk.

There are no hidden fees or commissions at Pusada.com. You will receive the amount we agreed to pay. Transactions are easy, instructions are clear, payments are guaranteed.

Sell your WoW gold at Pusada.com, and get top dollar for your game gold.

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Pusada.com guarantees payment within minutes. We are the world's most trusted virtual currency buyer. Don't risk selling your currency to unproven companies and websites.
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We offer the highest price possible for your hard-earned currency. We understand that obtaining in-game currency can be time-consuming and repetitive. We ALWAYS offer the highest market price available.
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Our business is buying virtual currency. We work hard to ensure that selling currency to Pusada.com is as easy as possible. Your transactions with us are fully guaranteed.
Trust, Honesty and Integrity are important in business, as in life. They are the foundations upon which Pusada.com was built, and the values that have helped us grow into an industry leader. Sell your in-game currency to Pusada.com with complete confidence.
Always in Demand
Check with us often and find out for yourself – you will learn that we consistently have high demand and excellent prices. Register now and start earning today!

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Pusada buys currency for the following games:

Age of Conan US
Age of Empires Online
Aion Online US
Aion Online EU
Cabal Online
DC Universe Online (PC)
Dragon Nest
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Dungeon Fighter Online
Eve Online
EverQuest 2
Fallen Earth
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy XIV
Guild Wars
Guild Wars 2 US
Guild Wars 2 EU
Knight Online
Last Chaos
Lineage 2
Lord of the Rings Online US
Lord of the Rings Online EU
Maple Story US
Maple Story EU
Perfect World
Rift Online US
Rift Online EU
Star Wars - The Old Republic US
Star Wars - The Old Republic EU
Star Wars - The Old Republic AP
The Secret World
Vanguard - Saga of Heroes
World of Warcraft US
World of Warcraft EU
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